Welcome to Marine Primary School

A very warm and special welcome to Marine Primary! Our school provides a happy and caring environment where learners are able to develop to their full potential. Our mission is to develop our learners holistically to reach their full potential to become responsible, competent, independent, well-rounded citizens and life-long learners equipped to meet future challenges. We as a school believe in strong, positive discipline reinforcing responsible behaviour, values, respect, caring and awareness. To achieve our vision we are committed to continuously strive to improve literacy and numeracy levels by placing a high priority on reading, writing and mathematics, educate learners holistically (socially, emotionally, spiritually), expose learners to cultural and environmental experiences to enhance their appreciation, awareness and understanding of their environment within the school and the broader community. We believe in: • Mutual and Self-respect • Trust • Freedom • Loyalty • Accountability • Honesty • Transparency • Commitment • Team work