About us

Marine Primary School is in the heart of Ocean View, a township that was established as a result of Apartheid legislation under the Group Areas Act of the 1960’s to accommodate people who were forcibly removed from Simons Town, Glencairn, Dodo Valley, Noordhoek and Sunnydale.

The first families moved into Ocean View in 1968. Many of the families who were uprooted also faced many hardships and challenges. There was little to no employment opportunities in the vicinity of the newly established township and the residents had to travel long distances to their places of employment. When the primary schools in these areas were closed, two new primary schools were opened in Ocean View: Kleinberg Primary in 1970 and Marine Primary in 1971.

Marine Primary School opened the doors of education and learning in January 1971 with a staff complement of 18 educators, 533 learners and 3 support staff.